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WOW Revisted: Continuing Resolution

Word of the Week - Continuing Resolution

Have you heard the phrase continuing resolution this week? We are sure you have. In fact, with the sequestration in effect, all eyes have turned to the “continuing resolution” scheduled to expire on March 27th. So what exactly is it? This term was actually profiled in a past Word of the Week post, Also our […]

The History of African-Americans in the US Senate


Did you know there have only been six African-American US Senators in the history of our country? The home page features an interesting note on African-Americans who have served in the US Senate. An excerpt can be found below: “We honor the many African Americans who have enriched the history of the Senate. In […]

Word of the Week: Continuing Resolution

Word of the Week - Continuing Resolution

Last week Anita wrote about the need for a Continuing Resolution to keep our government funded past the end of this year’s fiscal calendar which ends on September 30, 2011. “The Fiscal Year for 2012 begins on October 1. However, Congress has not passed any of the spending bills needed to keep the federal government […]

WOW – Sequestration

Word of the Week - Continuing Resolution

Have you heard the term sequestration? In the coming weeks and months, this may be a word that you hear with increasing frequency. So what is it? A sequestration is an across the board spending reduction of non-exempt mandatory programs to offset this increase in the deficit, as calculated by the Office of Management and […]

This Week We Hit It – Our Debt Limit That Is

Geithner Profile

When do we really have to worry about the debt limit? The simple answer is now since the U.S. government officially hit the federal debt limit Monday, May 16th forcing the Treasury Department to make moves to avoid a default and ratcheting up pressure on lawmakers to reach a deal to increase it. Treasury Secretary […]

WOW – Debt Limit

Word of the Week - Continuing Resolution

What exactly is the Federal Debt Limit (Debt Ceiling)? Since 1941, Congress has established in law the maximum amount of debt the federal government may issue. The Treasury does not have legal authority to issue any debt above this statutory limit. To avert a default on its credit obligations or a shutdown of government operations, […]

WOW – “Just War” and the Seven Principles of the Just War

Word of the Week - Continuing Resolution

Just War Theory (or Bellum iustum) is a doctrine of military ethics, studied by moral theologians, ethicists and international policy makers, which holds that a conflict can and ought to meet the criteria of philosophical, religious or political justice, provided it follows certain conditions. Following are seven “Principles of the Just War” as established by […]

This Week’s Wow – Duty

Following the president’s announcement of the pending deployment of 30,000 more of our men and women in uniform to Afghanistan, we thought the word duty a fitting WOW. This week we take a moment to examine exactly what duty means and contemplate not the duty of the men and women in uniform, but the duty […]

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