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Student Loan Relief: The Presidential Memoranda

Pay as you earn

Are you paying off student loan debt? If you are like millions of Americans across the country, the answer is yes. Monday, President Obama signed a student loan memorandum enabling an increased number of borrowers to receive student loan payment relief. There are five key actions as outlined in the memorandum: – Expanding the Pay […]

My Brother’s Keeper: The Task Force Report


Have you been following the progress made on the My Brother’s Keeper initiative? “There are some Americans who, in the aggregate, are consistently doing worse in our society — groups that have had the odds stacked against them in unique ways that require unique solutions; groups who’ve seen fewer opportunities that have spanned generations. And […]

Leaning into Love: A Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou


This week the planet became a little less poetic as we witnessed the passing of the iconic and incomparable Dr. Maya Angelou. For her son, Guy, my beloved friends, colleagues and others who were members of her immediate and most intimate extended families, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Having spoken […]

200 Kidnapped Children: A Cause for Us All

Bring Back Our Girls

Is #BringBackOurGirls losing momentum? While #BringBackOurGirls began as a way to show support for the girls abducted from their school, their families and the many working behind the scenes to bring them home, it became a way for millions to make their voice heard. As day 48 comes to an end, our girls are still […]

Reading Rainbow: Cutting Across the Rainbow of Love and Experience


Remember Reading Rainbow? “Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high. Take a look, it’s in a book, a reading rainbow. I can go anywhere, friends to know, and ways to grow, a reading rainbow…” These are well-known lyrics from the theme song of the popular children’s series that first aired on PBS […]

Message from Anita Estell: 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington (MOW)

50th Anniversary March on Washington for Jobs and Justice

The struggle for good paying jobs, quality education, housing and equality are fleeting notions for millions of Americans. Fifty years after the March on Washington (MOW) I find myself sobered by the level of despair and deprivation confronting so may people in the US.  I know folks who did all of the right things: went […]

Message from Anita Estell: The Children Shall Lead Them

Malala Yousafzai

The Trayvon Martin tragedy has the nation, the pundits and the activists slapping each other around over the acquittal of his killer, George Zimmerman.  In witnessing the discourse, I recognize something terrible has happened in the United States.  The importance of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution now trumps the First Commandment of the […]

Open Letter to Trayvon Martin’s Parents from Margot James Copeland, President of The Links, Inc.

Open Letter to Trayvon Martin's Parents

Do you agree with the thoughts of The Links, Incorporated President, Margot James Copeland? Dear Ms. Fulton and Mr. Martin: The Links, Incorporated stands in solidarity with you during this difficult and sorrowful time. Our hearts broke upon hearing the Zimmerman verdict and our cries filled the solemn night sky. As we mourn with much […]

The Supreme Court Speaks: In Plain English

Supreme Court

Are you wondering what the recent rulings mean? DOMA The federal Defense of Marriage Act defines “marriage,” for purposes of over a thousand federal laws and programs, as a union between a man and a woman only. In United States v. Windsor, the challenge to DOMA, the Court ruled, by a vote of five to […]

Addressing Poverty In America

Poverty In America

Did you know that poverty has been growing faster in the suburbs than in urban and rural areas? The Brookings Institution recently released a new book, Confronting Suburban Poverty, chronicling the increase in poverty beyond the urban core, an issue which has gone largely unnoticed by policymakers. The book reveals that poverty has been growing […]

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