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The Significance of the Paul Ryan Budget

House Passes Paul Ryan Budget

What does the passed budget mean for Americans? Most would agree that the recent passing of the bill by the House of Representatives in a vote of 219 -205, means very little for actual policy. Afterall, the Senate would need to pass its own similar legislation, and both would need to be combined in conference. […]

Water Bill. Farm Bill. Defense Bill


Year end bills blitz? Possibly. These are the top priority bills that are making their way to becoming law. There also happens to be only about two weeks left for their passing. Here is a brief rundown provided by – Water Resources Reform and Development Act The Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRDA) […]

Unemployment Insurance: To Extend or Not Extend?

Capitol Hill

Did you know that roughly $1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits before the end of the year? Yes, this is true if Congress does not act to extend the long term unemployment benefits. To date, Congress is finalizing the passage of a budget bill that will fund federal agencies through fiscal 2014, which […]

According to a recent Washington Post article, “You have no idea what a ‘continuing resolution’ is”

Fiscal Plan Cuts Funding for Programs

Is this true? According to a recent Washington Post article, “you might as well come out and admit it”. But this is not likely the case for regular readers of the Anita Estell Blog. We’ve published many articles on the definition, need for and status of continuing resolutions over the past few years. In fact, […]

A 2013 Debt Limit Fight: Through the Lens of the 2011 Debt Limit Debacle

Capitol Hill

Are you concerned about the effect that the new debt limit fight might have on your family’s economic security? So is the Department of the Treasury. Last Thursday, the department released a report which forecasts the potential effect the new debt limit fight will have on financial markets here at home, and of course around […]

Budget Office Warns That Deficits Will Rise Again Because Cuts Are Misdirected

Capitol Hill

Have you heard that if left unchecked the federal deficit will rise to 100% of the GDP? That is what the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office has warned in a recent report. In a recent NYT article, it is reported… Annual federal deficits will continue to fall in the short term, the budget office reported in […]

By 2050: 20% of the US Population will be Age 65 or Older


Did you know that the long term services and support that this population needs is primarily paid through Medicare and Medicaid? Yes, this is true according to a recent report released by the Congressional Budget Office. In the report, Rising Demand for Long-Tern Services and Supports for Elderly People, the CBO describes a population of […]

Grow Our Economy AND Shrink Our Deficit: VIDEO

Is it really possible? Yes, it absolutely is, asserts President Obama. He also asserts that his recently proposed FY ’14 budget proposal is a blueprint for achieving both goals in concert. Republicans in Congress however, do not agree and have said the budget is a non-starter. In a speech delivered in the Rose Garden, President […]

Failing Our Future: Insights on Sequestration by Dr. Beverly Tatum

Effect of Sequestration on Education Dr. Beverly Tatum

Did you catch the recent guest blog post by President of Spelman College, Dr. Beverly Tatum? While the effects of the sequestration are still not clearly pronounced, many have weighed in with key insights on the subject. In the recent HuffPost editorial, Dr. Tatum speaks to the effects of sequestration on the education of people […]

The Senate’s Budget


Were you surprised to hear that the Senate passed a budget for the first time in 4 years? Do you believe as many do, that the budget’s passing was largely symbolic?  Well, since it is out there, let’s dig in and find out exactly where our state’s Senators believe the money should go. The Senate […]

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