About The People’s Place

Here we stand, witnesses to a nation at a crossroads. Dynamic times matched only by extraordinary developments in America and abroad. Here, at “The People’s Place,” we provide ideas, information and insights intended to empower individuals and transform communities. Maneuvering through Capitol Hill and the federal government generally is easier said than done. We serve as a capitol information source providing tools and techniques needed to get what you want from Washington, DC.

Ah, change. Clearly, the winds of change are upon us. We have a few options – (1) get swept away; (2) find or construct shelter quickly; and/or (3) do like a bird and soar. Options 2 and 3 obviously are preferred; however, they each require the use of resources that promote and support adaptation and innovation. With the winds of change upon us, this blog is for those who seek safety as well as those who ultimately intend to soar.

Ah, the time to be engaged – by demonstrating not only the audacity to hope but the capacity to know how to do better. Check out www.anitaestell.com and join a community that prefers answers over questions; facts over opinions; moving forward over standing still; and measurable results over measuring the miles ahead.

Get on board the change train and enjoy the journey.


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