The Permanence Project

Beta Testing Permanence Project

Interested in beta testing a new online public policy engagement tool?

This week, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) announced the enrollment launch of a new virtual community, named the Permanence Project. The project is designed to engage the public around policy issues impacting black communities. As part of the enrollment launch, the CBCF is recruiting one-thousand Beta testers with the goal of launching the Beta in the first quarter of 2015.

The Permanence Project is being built on a cloud-based, web platform offering up-to-date analyses and resources on public policy issues that are discussed and debated on Capitol Hill and in legislative bodies across the nation. When fully launched, the Permanence Project will feature access to reports, research materials and digital resources to enable the public to make informed decisions about public policy issues.

The site will also include regular commentary and editorials, event announcements, news, alerts and opportunities for discussion among users. Users will be able to create unique profiles and register for email notifications to receive updates and alerts. The Young Invincibles and other content providers, who have an interest in advancing and impacting black communities, will provide public policy resources for the Permanence Project.

The Permanence Project invites users to:

1. Join a vibrant, nationwide community concerned about public policy and civic engagement, and
2. Exchange ideas and information to address critical, long-term challenges affecting black communities.

Sign up here.

Will you be signing up? Let us know your thoughts on how a tool like this can help!

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